SoDo Donuts

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The first sourdough donut in the SF Bay Area!

As a pop-up business hosted by local establishments, we bring our passion for quality baking directly to your community.
Find out about our upcoming events on Instagram or on our Events Page.

What to know

Frequently Asked Questions

A sugar donut, cut in half to see the sourdough crumb

Where can we find you?

We currently participate in Pop-Up events all throughout the Bay Area. What this means is that we are hosted by other small businesses and we tend to bring our own "pop-up" tent to sell our goods from. We don't currently have a storefront, so we rely on our friends in the community to host us. To keep up with events, check out our events page to see where we'll be next!

Hammerling Wines is one of the venues that we frequent! We always participate in First Friday's (Gilman Block Party) every first Friday of every month and also the Saturday Swap Meet, on the third Saturday of every month.

Why do you fill the donuts to order?

When we arrive onsite to an event, we fill all of our donuts fresh. There are actually multiple reasons we do this:

1. We want you to have the freshest donut possible.

2. By food safety standards, anything filled should not sit out for more than 4 hours. The sugar donut and fritters tend to have a longer shelf life, as they are not filled.

3. We want to be able to monitor what's selling and fill the donuts that people want. If we filled the same amount of donuts of each flavor, some folks waiting in line might not get the flavor they want. So we fill what flavors are selling the best until we run out of that flavor.

4. Our donuts and fillings are not made with preservatives. We think they should be eaten as fresh as possible as the texture will change the longer a products sits. So we fill and decorate as quickly as possible so you can have the best possible version of our products.

5. If we filled and decorated all of out donuts at the kitchen, we wouldn't be able to transport it all in one piece! Some of our garnishes are delicate and would get damaged in transit. We prefer to fill and decorate fresh to make sure you get the most beautiful product possible.

*Note: You might see Elle filling each donut using a scale. She does this in order to make sure each donut is filled with the proper amount. We never want to underfill a donut! We also prefer not to overfill as we feel there is a perfect amount of filling to compliment the complex dough.

Are your donuts Vegan?

Unfortunately none of our donuts are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, or egg free.
The dough is made with the high quality ingredients available: Straus Family Creamery dairy products, locally sourced pasture raised eggs, and organic, stone-milled, high gluten flour from Cairnspring Mills.
While we would love to eventually provide multiple options for those with dietary restrictions, we cannot reliably accommodate these restrictions at this time.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes we do! However, being a small operation, our capacity may be limited. Please inquire directly about any custom orders and we'll be happy to discuss any custom orders with you.

Currently our dough takes about 3-4 days to make. Because of this long process, we don't make our donuts everyday or even every week and we cannot participate in multiple events per weekend. We have an order minimum of at least 100 donuts in order to fulfill a custom order, pending availability.

What we can potentially do is fulfill a custom order on a day that we already have an event as we will already be making our donuts. However, timing must be flexible to our event and we do not offer donut delivery.

If you're looking for us to cater an event, we will happily work with you on a custom menu, time and more! Please reach out to Elle to find out when we can collaborate :)

Do you have a storefront?

No, but we are working on it! While we don't currently have a storefront, we do have a commercial kitchen in Berkeley, CA. We are currently in the Berkeley Kitchens, which is an amazing community of other local makers, artists and more. This is our current home as we continue to grow : )

Why sourdough?

We find that sourdough is one of the healthiest versions of bread/pastry products. Fermentation and ingredients pay a huge factor into flavor and texture. For the flour nerds, we're using primarily Cairnspring Mills stone-milled T-85 Organic Expresso Bread Flour to make our dough. We also feed our starter with a bit of Organic Whole Grain Expresso Bread Flour to give it a bit more flavor and heartiness. Sourdough is known for its nutritional benefits including less and more broken-down gluten making it easier to digest. It is typically also known to be better for those watching their blood sugar. We also just simply love the wholesome texture and rich flavors and we think that using a sourdough starter helps make a nutritionally superior product vs. the standard commercial yeasted donut.