SoDo Donuts & EC Confections

Welcome to SoDo Donuts and EC Confections, where culinary excellence meets premium craftsmanship. SoDo Donuts brings you artisanal sourdough donuts, while EC Confections specializes in premium chocolates and confections. Both brands are committed to utilizing local, seasonal ingredients and sustainable packaging, ensuring a delightfully delicious and environmentally responsible culinary experience.

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Currently, SoDo Donuts is primarily a pop-up-only based experience. Typically, you can preorder SoDo Donuts during the week before we have an event. The number of preorders per event are limited as we are a small team. Note: preorders are not required, as we typically reserve a majority of our donuts for event walk-up customers.

You can purchase EC Confections in person at one of our events or you can order online for pick-up, shipping, and limited local delivery.

Please remember to schedule a time for pick-up as we don't have a regular schedule at the kitchen.